Updates from all over

Cassie Lo has just sent these detailed updates based on a long trip around Ghana (she travelled in Oct 07 but it still looks very useful stuff).  
-STC bus from Accra to Kumasi was 8 ghana cedi instead of 7.5

-There is no such hotel or guest house any longer called Golden Gate hotel in Donkorkrum.  They say it hasn’t been there for some time.  There is however a guesthouse called St. Michaels at a different location.  The rooms were very very nice, clean, with friendly staff and great food (we had an omelette, toast and tea for 3.5 Ghana Cedi).  There were wardrobes, desks and a self contained working bathroom all for 12 ghana cedi.

-The STC bus from Tamale to Mole left at 2:00.  The guide states sooner.  You must buy your tickets 2-4 hours in advance for 2.5 ghana cedi.  We bought our ticket at 9 am for the 2 pm departure and we were already passenger number 40 out of about 60.

-Mole to Larabanga will cost 2.5 ghana cedi for a hired car.  Larabanga to Damongo 1-5 ghana cedi depending on the source of the ride.  May have to wait one or two hours for a taxi or tro.  We hitched a ride with a motorbike…two of us with the driver for 10 ghana cedi from Larabanga to Damongo.

-Damongo to Damongo Junction 2 ghana cedi for a tro tro.  Be sure to arrive by 11 am otherwise the availability QUICKLY diminishes or even disappears of rides after that.

-Damongo Junction to Tamale, 1.5 hours, 1 ghana cedi

-Dankorkrum to Agordeke, 30 minute ride.  Roads mostly dirt but sufficiently ok compared to other dirt roads.  Guide book says they can be nearly impassable and maybe with rain…but they were some of the better dirt roads I’d seen.  Maybe they’ve worked on them?  some of the roads are partially paved as well.  I don’t see them being impassable even with the rain…maybe slower going, but definitely not impassable. 

-Ekye to Donkorkrum, mostly paved the whole way…1.5-2 hour ride, 1.5 ghana cedi

-Ho Hoe-Galaxy Hotel.  Double bed is really the size of 2.5 king size beds.  Single the size of king size bed.  Save the money and go for a single.  Double 30 ghana cedi, single 20 ghana cedi.  They have hot water here and EXCELLENT BREAKFAST!

-Akosombo-Zito Guesthouse.  15 ghana cedi for a double.  Again, huge beds, 2 put together.  If just two people, opt for the single.

-Kokrobite-Big Millies.  Single 9 cedi, Loft (open platform with a roof…mattresses on the floor, mosquito net…about ten of these) 3.5 cedi.  Bring your own lock if you intend on sleeping on the platform or no valuables at all.  They will and can get stolen.  They do offer a safe in the office of the place with the man who runs it.  He acts like your father and seems VERY trustworthy.  He will warn you all about the safety precautions before allowing you to pay for anything.  it’s like a father daughter talk.  LOVED big Millies.  Drumming/Dancing on Friday nights, Live reggae on Saturdays.  I believe a massage can be arranged as well for 10 cedi?

-Cape Coast-Savoy Hotel. 12 cedi for a double (normal size double) but they have REAL mattresses not foam!  Great price for a decent room.

-Akwada-Green Turtle. 12 double hut, provides mozzy nets

-Kumasi-Presbyterian Guest House-14 cedi for a double. 

-Tamale-Central Guesthouse-double 12 cedi, crap room.  no running water at all, bucket showers, doors wouldn’t lock or even shut some of them.  STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE

-Mole National Park-Mole Hotel, 22 cedi for a double.

-Bolgatanga- Sands Garden, 9 double.  Simple with no real amenities but clean!

-Kintampo-Midway. 5.5 cedi-felt like a whorehouse.  Only place available.  Mattress was so thin we could feel the wood beams so we put it on the floor…used condoms under the bed, rotting oranges, bugs.  Dirties place by far.  Bring your own sheet!  Sheet was DISGUSTING.  Best shower in Ghana though!  the pressure was amazing even though the drainage sucked.  Very friendly staff.  You’ll awake to a loudspeaker yelling the tro stops for hours nonstop

-Donkorkrum-Saint Michaels, 12 cedi double.  Nice rooms, bucket showers, self contained bath.

-Kpando-Blue of Ur Meditation Center.  Closed and moved to the main road out of Kpando (distance unknown).  Old site is overgrown and REALLY creepy like an old cemetary.

-Wli Falls to Ho Hoe.  Transporation scarce (waited one hour and not one vehicle passed by).  Worth hiring a taxi to wait for you and picking people up on the way back.  About 10-15 people were waiting and we all hitched a ride with a work truck full of cement.

-Currency-Don’t carry a bill larger than 5 cedi!  People can’t make change.  If you get money out of an ATM, take it into the bank for change.

-Mole National Park-2.5 cedi per person for approximately 2.5 hours of walking safari.  elephants at watering holes generally between 9 and 11 am.

-Larabanga-See the mosque, see the Salia Brothers.  If you see the mosque through the visitors center its 2 cedi with an additional request for donation (don’t give in unless you’d like).  Fridays are best with the exception of obstructed views of canopies.  All the doors are open so you can actually kind of see inside.  They slaughter a cow and disperse it amongst the community (sad!).  Approximately around 11 am is when they do the traditions at the mosque and the cow sacrifice if you care to see it.

-Restaurants-Expect at least half of the menu to be unavailable no matter where you go

-Takoradi-Ebase Internet no longer exists

-Green Turtle Lodge-Please note that the road there is a rough long road.  If you want to leave on Sundays it’s nearly impossible due to religious efforts and location.  For 18 cedi you can arrange a Green Turtle Lodge vehicle (if available) to take you to Agona.  Try to arrange asap for this as most travellers don’t find out until Sunday they are likely stuck there for one more night.  You can also have the bartender call a taxi but it’s very expensive (30-40 cedi just to Agona) and Agona is also small so another 60-70 cedi to Takoradi.

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