Kumasi updates

Thanks to Robert van den Bos for the following Kumasi info –

Golden tulip: A new hotel using the old renovated city hotel right in the centre of Kumasi, just behind adum. Although the hotel is yet to get character,
especially the pool side and the parking , overall it could be nice to backpackers that need a break. The rooms might be a bit overpriced, I think it starts at around 150 dollar, but the lunch buffet is 25 ghana cedis (at present close to 25 dollars). You can also relax and get a drink in the lounge. So for those backpackers that need a break and have a bit  of money left over, golden tulip can be worth a visit.

Pink panther: ot just to stay here , rooms are nice but as there is no pool a bit overpriced, but also a great place to visit for a drink. The owner  has
lived in Holland for many years and has created by far the nicest peacefull place in Kumasi in the garden behind the hotel. The bar is my favourite place in Kumasi. So on the list for bars, this is definitely  a good place to be.

Rexmar: Each Friday there is jazz night, with live music . the beer is bit expensive but overall the atmosphere is quire nice, it is worth going here just for  a drink.

Ryans pub has been closed down

Vienna city
Vienna city , is a good place just as in accra ( nea r kwame krumah circle) next to the Barclays bank, in Kumasi the located is in isheizo, near adum near Georgia roundabout. Most taxi drivers will know the place. A good place especially if you like playing pool. Also the hamburgers are quite good. However, be carefully with the friendly ladies on the bar. It is likely they are nice to you for a reason. Also do not spend to long on the parking as some people there are waiting for foreigners to meet. Try if possible to get a taxi outside instead of getting a taxi that has been waiting at the parking. Never get a taxi with more than one person already in it.

Fast food:
Big daddy 

Near the millennium plaza. This place is reasonable prices and located on your way to atonsu. It also delivers. Try the tuna sandwhich. the food is ok and cheap but the place is not very clean.

On the run / le bonjour
Located in the center of Kumasi, there is the new great centre for fastfood and ice cream, just as in accra , named the on the run. At present they have adjusted the name to a different company named le bonjour if I am correct. Good food and great to take a break. Located near the kings palace.

Queens gate.
This place is a bit run off but still is good to visit. You can sit on the balcony and watch over hectic adum with all the taxi drivers driving like crazy. It Is located just one block later than vic babboo on the top floor. The entrance is around the back. Try the noodle soup and ask them to turn off the radio and tv or sit outside.


The internet or business center africaweb.  Located in Bantama opposite the presbytarian church. At present it has an  internet café  with over 60 computers, the largest in Kumasi, and a copy center. It is open 24/7. Soon there will also be a computer center and gateway television. Barclays bank is located in the same building of africaweb so you can also get money etc. There is also a western union. I started this internet center myself one year ago. We reconstructed the building and so finally since 3 months we are now open. you may want to ask others for their feedback as mine may not be subjective. I hope the feedback will be positive!!!

In addition three years ago, when I returned to Ghana, after being a volunteer, I started a foundation called voluntary childaid. We offer programmes for volunteers and build many schools. I am not sure if this is important for you readers but they are welcome to look at http://www.voluntarychildaid.org.
The website will be renewed in one month.


3 thoughts on “Kumasi updates

  1. Hanz says:

    internet or business center africaweb. Located in Bantama

    Is in this new internetcafe or in Colden tulip hotel Internet connection possible with webcam for confrence-calls

  2. Chris Scott says:

    In follow up to Robert Van den Bos’s comment on a great destination for backpackers to splurge in Kumasi, look no further than Four Villages Inn, three time winner of GUESTHOUSE OF THE YEAR award in Ashanti. It’s got all the ‘c’s’: character, comfort, convenience and Charity and Chris the Canadian-Ghanaian on site owner/managers!

  3. Lamar says:

    I’ve been using the Africaweb Internet Center for the last week. Well, for the first time being in Africa, I guest it operates like a normally internet connection in Africa…slow and will often go down. However, after using it for a few days, you get used to losing the connection and the slowness. 🙂 But, at least I’m able to retrieve e-mail. Hell, I’m on vacation and I shouldn’t be working. I wanted to write a daily journal on the internet with pictures, but forget about it!
    Don’t get me wrong, THANK YOU for opening the center, it was and is needed. Being open 24/7 is wonderful too.

    Lamar from Houston, TX

    PS Does anyone know the exact address?

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