Great spot in Elmina, Ghana

I’m just writing to let you know about a great spot where my friends and I eat near Elmina. I’m volunteering here with Women in Progress, an organization listed in your book in Cape Coast, and the other volunteers and I have dinner every day at Elimax Spot, just across the street from the Almond Tree Guesthouse east of Elmina. Eli, the owner, prepares a daily special for 3.50 cedis that is either Ghanaian or western with a Ghanaian twist, and we love it not only for the fact that she is an amazing cook, but also because she specially prepares food for obrunis. I’m sure you know how tough it can be to find fresh salads and certain local dishes that you know won’t be harsh on the stomach, and we love having both at Elimax. Eli also has a full bar where we hang out most nights. If I were traveling through the region, I’d want to take advantage of a great place to meet a few obruni volunteers and Ghanaians used to westerners who would be happy to make suggestions or arrange travel in the area. Jack McCarthy, Aug 08


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